Digital Transformation

In a world defined by connectivity and innovation, digital transformation isn’t a choice; it’s a must. We can help you transform how your business works, collaborates and engages, for both customers and employees.

Become a Digital Enterprise and accelerate your Digital Transformation

Accelerate your digital transformation on the route to Industry 4.0 and become a Digital Enterprise, now even faster with Walstar Xcelerator. Integrate the digital and physical worlds to gather, comprehend, and make meaningful use of the created data. Our limited resources may be used more effectively thanks to the endless amount of data, which also encourages industrial adaptability and sustainability.

Digital Strategy and Transformation

Employees and customers are where the digital revolution starts and finishes. Their experiences, which are fueled by ever changing expectations, are at the center of this shift. Everywhere you go, people demand smooth, personalized, and intuitive experiences across all touchpoints. If you can't meet these expectations, you run the risk of losing business to rivals. We can assist you with enhancing employee and customer engagement, enabling, and empowerment to be more connected and productive than before, regardless of where you are in the digital maturity process. We contribute to outstanding business results.

Digital Enterprise – combining the real and digital worlds

The industrial world is confronting rapidly changing issues, including geopolitical tensions, technological advancements, shifts in global markets, and the impact of climate change. Automation and digitalization will transform the game in order to meet these problems. Gathering, deciphering, and applying the vast amounts of data generated by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is crucial. This is precisely what the Digital Enterprise is achieving by merging the digital and physical realms.

Our Solutions

Elevate Customer Experience

You can earn the confidence of all stakeholders — IT, business, employees, and customers — with our industry-leading platform that simplifies interactions, streamlines workflows, and enhances overall engagement.

Digital+ Solutions

Discover the true potential of digitization with our comprehensive suite of digital solutions. Whether it's secure collaboration, engaging customers, or automating core business processes.

Our Impact

Join companies around the world have embraced digital transformation with us. We’re not just a partner, we’re a catalyst for change and real results:


Million in savings with new self-service portal


Increase in digital revenue


Employees supported with a new digital workplace


Claims per day processed through a mobile app


Savings in app-development costs


Increase in conversion rates for new customers