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A Shopify developer is a software engineer who uses the Shopify platform to build online stores, themes, and apps

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What do Shopify developers do?

Put simply, Shopify developers are experts in building onine stores, themes and apps using the Shopify platform. They specialize in frontend development, helping merchants express themselves through web design and delivering customized shopping experiences for the customer. Shopify developers can integrate seamlessly into existing merchant workflows, developing bespoke code, scripts and apps to solve complex problems. Shopify developers can also help merchants migrate their data over from other ecommerce platforms- if you’re considering starting an online store or migrating an existing store to Shopify, read our article here on Shopify vs Shopify Plus.

Shopify Developer Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or other similar field.
  • Must have expertise in maintenance, deployment, and store configuration, as well as a general understanding of management systems.
  • Expert in JavaScript, DOM, CSS3, and HTML5.
  • Experienced with Storefront API and custom themes.
  • Have working knowledge of Shopify’s Liquid template and theme system.
  • Experience debugging or implementing third-party Shopify applications and developing your own solutions as needed.
  • Requires expertise and knowledge of jQuery, current JavaScript, Vanilla JavaScript, and ES2015/ES6 frameworks.
  • Working knowledge of Shopify properties or objects, meta fields, and AJAX APIs required.
  • Requires debugging and testing skills using the browser console and various other tools.
  • Must be able to provide positive feedback and interact effectively.
  • Basic knowledge of APIs, third-party services, and Shopify plugins.
  • Preliminary knowledge to create responsive and unique layouts for mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.