Internet Marketing

Importance of SEO

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Types of Internet Marketing

Online marketing, also known as internet marketing or web advertising, is a form of marketing that uses the internet to deliver promotional messages to customers through digital channels such as search engines, email, websites, and social media.

SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization or SEO, helps companies expand their visibility in organic search results. Essentially good SEO ensures that when someone Googles your product or service, they can find your website in the search results.

Social Media Marketing

With 4.5 billion social media users globally, if you’re not using it for marketing, you’re missing out. No matter who your target audience is, chances are you’ll be able to find them on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or another platform.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of branded online content you can use to engage and attract both potential and existing customers. This can include social media, a company blog, training materials, video content, case studies or industry related topics.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of targeting your audience and customers through email. It helps you boost conversions and revenue by providing subscribers and customers with valuable information to help achieve their goals.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click , or PPC, is a form of advertising that allows you to pay a fee to have your website on the search engine result page (SERP) when someone types in specific keywords or phrases to the search engine.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing employs popular, niche content creators to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and target messaging to a brand’s audience. You can use influencers across multiple channels including social media, blogs.